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Nikini Full Moon Poya Day Message

Nikini Full Moon Poya Day Message

Siri Sudassanarama
sadaham senasuna
Ven. Dr. Mirisse Dhammika thero

Nikini full moon Poya day is regarded by Buddhists all over the world as a day of great significance. This is because it falls during the rainy season period ,which is also known as “Wassana Season”. During this Wassana period all high ordained Buddhist monks are fulfilling their spiritual goals ,whilst helping the lay people to achieve their religious goals in their respective religious paths. Quoted from the Discourses, it is significantly identified that during this period most of the monks have attained Arahathhood or any previous stagesof Arahathhood.

Further, the first Dhamma Council was held on a Nikini full moon poyaday ,mainly organized and conducted by Venerable MahaKassapaMahaThero after three months from the Buddha Parinibbana. Five Hundred Arahath monks including ,Venerable Ananda Thero and the most Venerable significant Arahath monks attended the first Dhamma Council.They codified and preserved all the Buddha’s noble teachings by dividing the Dhamma into three main segments called “Thripitaka” which includes,Sutta, Vinaya and Abidhamma. It was the responsibility of the Venerable Monks and all the Buddhists to pass down the codified well preserved, Dhamma from generation to generation up until the existence of the Buddha Sasana.

It is our moral duty to practice such preserved Dhamma to obtain the fullest result of the noble teachings of the Buddha. We have to realize the uncertainty of this life. Knowing and realizing such truth ,does not recommend someone to be inactive and negative in their mind process. Once the truth of uncertainty of the journey of life is realized, the life lead towards enlightenment without any delay since the life can end at any unexpected moment, which proves the impermanency of everything around us. The Buddha preached “Nothing is permanent – Everything is impermanent and keep changing”. Though we live this life according to our social norms and existence the truth is that all such existences are impermanent. Therefore conventionally, we have to live within worldly settings with the realization of the principal of impermanency.

Moreover, in the contents of the discourse, the Buddha preached that one should follow the noble teachings to understand how to tame the untamed human mind. The Dhamma will help people to realize that the concept of “certainty” will be definitely followed by pain and sorrow. The truth explained in the Dhamma will solve the sorrow in untamed human mind and the darkness will disappear.

Within this Dhamma, the core teachings of Buddhism, being the Karma, Rebirth and Introspection/Dependent Origination, is enshrined. This path leads to the end of suffering. These Noble teachings should not only be listened to but also followed as diligently as possible. In doing so,one should realize the difference between the conventional truth and the absolute truth when walking through the path towards super mundane.

Even during this uncertain period of the pandemic, it is important to understand and follow this path as Buddhists by the light of such codified, well preserved noble Dhamma.

නිකිණි පුර පසළොස්වක

  අගෝස්තු 21 සෙනසුරාදා අ.භා 19.00 පසළොස්වක ලබා 22 ඉරිදා අ.භා 17.31 ගෙවේ.
ඉරිදා සිල්

පොහෝ දින දර්ශනය

Full Moonපසළොස්වක

අගෝස්තු 22

Second Quarterඅව අටවක

අගෝස්තු 30   

Full Moonඅමාවක

සැප්තැම්බර් 06

First Quarterපුර අටවක

සැප්තැම්බර් 13
















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