මුල් පිටුව | බොදු පුවත් | කතුවැකිය | බෞද්ධ දර්ශනය | විශේෂාංග | වෙහෙර විහාර | ඉංග්‍රිසි ලිපි | පෙර කලාප | දායකත්ව මුදල් |


Can Holy Life be lived and attain Nibbana?

You will become Pure,
if you love Purity
You will become Impure,
if you love Impurity
You will become Holy,
if you love Holiness
You will become Unholy,
if you love Unholiness

It is clear from the above verse what we become what we love and what we love that we become. In this modern world with so many attractions and distractions people have become sceptical about leading a holy life and attaining Nibbana. Actually, the doubt about leading a holy life lies in the defilements inside and not in things outside. Nor it has anything to do with a particular time period of past, present and future. These defilements are Raga (Lust and greed), Dosa (Hatred and Aversion), Moha (Delusion and Ignorance). it is these very defilements inside us that have been the hurdle on the path of Holy life and not the external attractions or distractions. It has been so in the past, it is so in the present, and it will be so in the future.

Adhigatam idam bahuhi amatam - Attained has been this deathlessness by many

Ajjapi ca labhaniyam idam - And still today, this state can be obtained

Yo yoniso Payunjati - By him who strives in earnestness

Na ca sakka aghatamanena - But none will reach it without effort. (Theri Gatha)

Therefore the Buddha reminds us not to give up the struggle against the fetters of Raga, Dosa and Moha, in order to escape the misery of Samsara. A great satisfaction and assurance is given by our Exalted Teacher the Buddha, when He said that we do possess the power to overcome all evil things in us and can develop all good things. He taught us to abandon evil and unwholesome things and arouse in us good and wholesome things. If this was not possible through human effort in the past, present and future, then the Buddha would never have advised us of putting forth all our energy and effort on the Noble Eight Fold Path which is timeless (Akaliko), ever-effective and everlasting law of nature leading to the final liberation, Nibbana.

For this proper training is needed, will must be exercised, exertion must be made, should not turn back, there must be ardor, there must be perseverance should develop mindfull ness, there must be right understanding, above all there must be sincerity and earnestness.

�One should think when many Monks and laymen have attained why cannot I attain? I am healthy, full of faith, I am not hypocrite, not a pretender or boaster, but I have will power and understanding that everything is transient, subject to pain and suffering an ulcer, a cancer, a thorn, a misery, a burden, an enemy, a disturbance, empty and void of ego. Why should I not hope for deliverance through Nibbana, when the path is still available?�

Now in this present world, the Buddha should have a stimulating and encouraging effect on the people with scientific eduction. Many people labouring are under the delusion that in this modern time of space ships and Aero planes, the present generation, despite their best intentions, cannot find time and leisure to cultivate higher mental facilities through meditation and morality. Thus it has been rightly said:

When you run so fast
To get somewhere,
You miss half the fun
Of getting there.
When you worry and hurry
Through your day,
It is like an unopened gift
Thrown away.
Life is not a race
Do take it slower,
practice the Dhamma
Before health and life
is over.

Over and Over again the Buddha assures: You can arouse your will, you can act, and you can change your character by certain lines of effort, i.e. walking on the Noble Eight Fold Path and attain Nibbana. So without giving any lame and tactical excuses we should give our time and energy in the direction of Noble Eight Fold Path for our own good, for our own benefit, for our own happiness and for our own liberation.

There is a saying that He, who will success, is half way to it. And that where there is a will, there is a way. This is all I have to say. Thus always keep in mind that will is the root of all things, not only of Vice and Suffering but also of Virtue and Happiness. Thus finally I would like to say that:

Fierce winds not a mountain Shake

Nor they make firm earth to Quake

Similarly the good Kamma one Make

No one can his fortune take.

So following the Buddha, the fully awake;

Lead a pure life like lotus in Lake

Practising Precepts (Sil) without break.

May you all live a holy life and attain Nibbana!


The path of Dhamma

Ven. P. Gyanapal Bhikkhu
Bhikkhu Training Centre, Maharagama

People, awake!
To remove the darkness of
delusion; (avijja)
Walk the path of Dhamma,
To purify oneself, get liberated.

Come, men and women!
Let us walk the path of Dhamma.

On this path walk holy ones,
On this path walk Saints.

The path of Dhamma is the path of peace,
The path of Dhamma is the path of happiness.

Whoever walks upon this path,
Makes an end of suffering, and become deathless.

Sectarianism is not Dhamma;
Dhamma raises no walls
Dhamma teaches oneness,
Dhamma teaches love.

Right action is Dhamma,
Wrong action is sin.

From right action comes happiness,
From wrong action comes suffering.

Only if you protect the Dhamma
Dhamma will protect you.

As much as you practise Dhamma.

The Dhamma will be your helper.

  මැදින් පුර අටවක පෝය

   මාර්තු 14 වැනිදා සිකුරාදා පූර්ව භාග 05.17 ට ලබයි.
15 වැනිදා සෙනසුරාදා
පූර්වභාග 06.19 දක්වා පෝය පවතී. සිල් සමාදන්වීම 14 වැනිදා සිකුරාදාය.

මී ළඟ පෝය මාර්තු 21 වැනිදා සිකුරාදාය.

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මාර්තු 14

Full Moonපසෙලාස්වක

මාර්තු 21

Second Quarterඅව අටවක

මාර්තු 29

New Moonඅමාවක

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