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Panna unlocks Noble Eightfold Pathways

Piyasiri Mahinda L. Hettige,
(The founder, Dhamma Vivarana Movement, Former UN National Consultant

It is like following a mirage to think one can traverse the Noble Eight Fold Path without first gaining Dhamma Wisdom. The Pathways leading to the Cessation of Suffering, is the fourth Noble Universal Truth Proclaimed by the Buddha in the Dhammacakkapavattana Sutta, Buddhas first sermon preached to the five Ascetics, 2596 years ago are listed below, in order of Precedence, as:-

Dhamma Pathways Dhamma category

(1) Right Understanding of Dhamma (Panna)

(2) Right Thoughts based on Dhamma (Panna)

(3) Right Speech based on Dhamma (Seela)

(4) Right Action based on Dhamma (Seela)

(5) Right Livelihood based on Dhamma (Seela)

(6) Right Effort based on Dhamma (Samadhi)

(7) Right Mindfulness based on Dhamma (Samadhi)

(8)Right Concentration based on Dhamma (Samadhi)

Thus the Eightfold, Trans-Sansaric Dhamma Paths formulated by the Buddha, for Humanity intent on breaking free from Sansaric fetters starts with Two Dhamma Wisdom Paths (PANNA) - Three Dhamma Morality Paths (DHAMMA SEELA) - Three Dhamma objective oriented Insight paths (SAMADHI) - leading one, after Path Attainment, through to Perfected Mystical Wisdom (SAMMA Gnana) and Perfected mode of Enlightenment (SAMMA VIMUTTI) and on to Nibbana during this or a subsequent birth. Hence the correct order of classification or categorisation of the Noble Pathways according to the Dhammacakkapavattana Sutta should be as follows:-


(Dhamma Wisdom) (Dhamma Morality) Insight Concentration)

Following the above Dhamma Karma Mental Energy deriving pathways promotes birth in any chosen Elite Sansara and leads one to Path Attainment and finally, on following two extra paths to Samma Gnana (Adi Panna or Mystical Knowledge) and Samma Vimutti, (Nibbana of ones choice).

Since the term Seela by itself without proper qualification has no meaning. It should be highlighted here that there is a world of difference between the meaning of the terminology DHAMMA SEELA in the Anathama (No Soul) concept outlined in the Dhamma proclaimed by the Buddha and that attributed to FIVE PRECEPTS SEELA reflected in the Arthma (Soul) concept within the context of the pre Buddha Codes of moral conduct path illustrated below with its belief in a permanent Trans-Migratory Soul, which is still being practised by those ignorant of the Dhamma. The category Dhamma Seela of the Noble Eightfold Paths clearly outlines how and what should be Mindfully and Morally followed during ones lifetime thus overshadowing those of the Five Precepts Seela, illustrated in the pre Buddha path shown below, in scope and practice.

DANA (Donation/Benevolence) SEELA (Five Precepts Seela) (Bhavana) Meditation)

This Good Karmmic Energy Deriving path, can promote attainment of Dyanas and births in Deva, Brahma or Human worlds without ending ones Kamma generated Sansara Manifestations and the resulting never ending cycles of Birth, Decay, Sickness and Death for that being).

In the above process the Seela components can be qualified in various ways but in civilised societies they can be listed basically as abstinence from (1) Killing (2) Stealing (3) Illegal sexual conduct. (4) Lying. (5) Use of Intoxicants. The observance of Dana, Seela and Bhavana of the above process were considered as vital for a person to lead a trouble free meritorious life and ensure a better life, for that person after death. The Buddha did not disregard their importance he considered this process as important prerequisites (Paramitas) facilitating the realisation of the Dhamma. Where as in most religions these were considered as the only requisites acceptable to God or Creator fearing humans to take their Soul to heaven or to the arms of a God Creator in order to avoid Hell & Damnation forever.

Thus this confusion of terminology between Dhamma Seela and the above mentioned Five Precepts Seela may have been created probably due to ignorance of sinister motives by those who used the same word SEELA in both paths which created confusion among the ignorant due to the questionable and incorrect categorisation of the Eightfold pathways outlined in the Dhamma in an Illogical sequent in to three, about 1500 years ago, as follows:-

SEELA (Dhamma Morality) SAMADHI (Progressive Mental Development) PANNA (Dhamma Wisdom)

Here two gross mistakes made are, (1) Placing SEELA (Right Action, Speech and Livelihood) first and (2) by placing PANNA (Dhamma Wisdom) last in order of precedence. Since it is impossible for a layman, without Right Understanding of Dhamma (PANNA) to understand Dhamma Morality? Thus this deviation from the correct order of classification of the Noble Eight Fold Pathways violating the Buddhas own categorization of the Dhamma Pathways is tantamount to a gross violation of the Buddhas Doctrine Dhamma.

The Buddha in his choice of followers did not show any partially to those who had not previously strictly adhered to the above five precepts (Pancha Seela) due to their ignorance of Dhamma Wisdom. Since among his Sangha Order there were previous, criminals, prostitutes, serial killers, robbers, persons from the lowest castes, poorest of the poor as well as nobles and royalty, without discrimation had equal access to the Sangha Order or become lay Dhamma Followers on giving up past bad activities and taking refuge in the Tri-Ratna, (Buddha Dhamma and Sangha) in order to diligently follow the Dhamma according to ones Wisdom base.

Thus resulting from the above clarifications it is clearly evident that the present day lay Buddhists have been led astray by this presently accepted, incorrect, categorisation of the Noble Eightfold Pathways outlined in the Dhamma erroneously into three as Seela - Samadhi - Panna. Which hinders them from mindfully following the authentic Doctrine of the Buddha.

During this 2596th. Buddha Enlightenment year it is of immense importance to finally remove this ultimate barrier obstructing path attainment by a Buddhist and eradicate the misconception that has confused their Mental Process, impeding their progress to proceed on the Noble Eightfold Pathways as outlined by the Samma Sambuddha Gotama.

The Dhamma Vivarana Movement (Movement for mindful understanding of Dhamma using ones own Wisdom) is hopeful that there will be many Path Attainers among the Lay persons after these mental impediments to the Aloko of Dhamma are removed and this important issue is sagaciously resolved by the Most Venerable Mahanayaka Theras of the respective Maha Sangha Sabhas. So as to re enable the correct order of precedence of the Dhamma Pathways as clearly outlined in the authentic Tripitaka texts conveying the Dhamma.

බක් අමාවක

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5 වනදා සඳුදා අපර භාග 05.48 දක්වා පෝය පවතී
සිල් සමාදන්වීම මැයි මස 05 වනදා සඳුදාය

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පොහෝ දින දර්ශනය

New Moonඅමාවක

මැයි 05

First Quarterපුර අටවක

මැයි 12

Full Moonපසෙලාස්වක

මැයි 19

Second Quarterඅව අටවක

මැයි 28

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