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Vajirarama Forest Solitude Kandy

V. Rajapakse

Aranya Gathova, Sunnyagara Gathova, Rukkhamula Gathova implored the Buddha to His disciples, the Sangha in order to meditate in isolation, without any disturbance from outside world realise the Truth of His Teachings, the Dhamma. Mostly insolitude, they lead a life of simplicity, austerity, purity and firmly determined to overcome the five hindrances and attain a higher mental state free of defilements.

The Vajirarama Forest Solitude at Bowalawatte, Kandy is such an Aranya established by Venerable Ampitiye Sri Rahula Maha Thera in the Hantana Forest Range, adjoining University of Peradeniya.

The Venerable Maha Thera after establishing Vajiragnana Dharmayathanaya at Maharagama for the progress of the Sasana and spiritual well-being of Sangha and laity, lead a life meditating in seclusion after retirement as Director of Studies of the Institution. He left to Maha Oya, but had a return back Maharagama on the insistence of his Dayakas.

However, in 1986, the Venerable Maha Thera was invited by the Chancellor of Peradeniya University T.B. Panabokke to observe Vas at the university for which the closed-down exchange building was refurbished and equipped for his stay during the three months rain retreat. It was during this Vas observance that the Venerable Maha Thera got the idea to establish a Forest Solitude in the Forest Reserve adjoining the refurbished room he was staying. He foresaw that the forest to be surveyed was ideal for a monastery. The forest he visited was part of university property and the Venerable Thera was determined to go ahead with the project. He contacted the Minister of Higher Education obtained his approval and later asked the University Senate to release ten acres of the forest to Venerable Maha Thera to establish a meditation centre and a monastery.

After writing the deed by Attorney H. Dunuwila it was transferred to Kandy International Buddhist Organisation formed with the guidance of the Maha Thera for the maintenance of the proposed monastery cum meditation centre which was named university Vajirarama Forest Solitude by the Maha Thera which became a monastery in 1986.

The first President of the Kandy International Buddhist Organisation was the Chancellor of the University, T.B. Panabokke. Then Vice Chancellor prof. R.G. Panabokke and other prominent university staff joined members of the organisation at its inception.

Immediately after the Vas retreat, the Ven. Maha Thera shifted to a temporary wooden Kuti constructed in the surveyed forest reserve. Gradually permanent Kutis were constructed on a well laid out plan.

The objectives of the establishment of the Forest Solitude, as stated by Ven. Sri Rahula Maha Thera was to promote the welfare of the threefold Sasana: Pariyathti - the Teachings of the Buddha to be studied Patipatti - the practice of the teachings, the Dhamma and Pativedha - the realisation of Magga Pahala and Nibbana.

The other objective is to provide educational and spiritual assistance and guidance to local and foreign Bhikkhus in Monastic life compatible to discipline (Vinya) established by Buddha.

In pursuance of these objectives there are meditation programmes, religious discourses, library facilities and other religious activities well patronised with much enthusiasm.

Ven. Ampitiye Sri Rahula Maha Thera fulfilled one of his lifes ambitions and as Chief Incumbent laid down rules and regulations to follow by both Sangha and laity and presented to the Maha Sangha. There are many Kutis and almost all are occupied by Bhikkhus for various periods and laid-down rules and regulations, being followed to this day.

The Kandy International Buddhist Organisation that manages the Forest Solitude is an approved Charitable Organisation. During the tenure of Dr. Nihal Karunaratne as President of the Buddhist Organisation, the Ven. Maha Thera was gifted with another ten acres of land by the then Minister of Mahaweli Development in Ambakotte, about 20 kilometres away from Kandy. This land too was developed as a monastery and for the propagation and promotion of Dhamma study and practice, with the assistance of devoted Dayakas and guidance by Ven. Maha Thera. He named it Ambakotte Vajirarama Thapovana. The management of this Monastery too came under the Buddhist organisation and Dr. Nihal Karunaratne as President, rendered invaluable service in its development. The Ven. Maha Thera had the gift and organising ability to transform these lands into seats of learning Theravada Buddhism.

Ven. Sanatha Vihari Thera is now overlooking the activities of the University Vajirarama Forest Solitude and Ven. Ilvane Ananda Thera is administering Ambakotte Thapovana, adhering to the principles laid down by the Maha Thera who has retired and resting at Sri Vajiragnana Dharmayathanaya, Maharagama.

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