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ILL Full Moon Poya day Message

ILL Full Moon Poya day Message

Siri Sudassanarama
sadaham senasuna
Ven. Dr. Mirisse Dhammika thero

ILL Full Moon Poya day is considered as an important poya day due to a few reasons such as, receiving of the confirmation and affirmation of the MaithreeBodhisaththa by the Buddha , commencement of the services of the first Dhamma Delegation by the first sixty monks ordained in the Buddha Sasana , passing away of the most Venerable SariputtaArahathThero and the last day of the Cheewara Masaya dedicated to offer the Katina Robes etc.

Among above facts it is considered that , MaithireeBodhisaththa receiving the affirmation of becoming the next SammaSambudhha is the most significant and important incident. MaithireeBodhisaththawas ordained and became higher ordained in the Buddha Sasana. He learnt the Dhamma well and headed a group of monks as their teacher. Once he offered two valuable robes, which he received for himself to the Buddha. One such robe was offered with lot of respect to decorate Buddha’s chamber by making a canopy and the other valuable robe was used to decorate the surrounding of the canopy. Soon after this offering the Buddha with lot of compassion towards the MaithireeBodhisaththa , affirmed that, he would be the next SammaSambuddha which happened on an ILL full moon poya day.

Further more the Buddha advised the first Dhamma Propagation consisted of the first sixty monks to travel around the whole of India to teach the Dhamma to deserving people with lot of compassion on an ILL Full Moon poya day . The Buddha further advised the propagation, not to go together but to travel alone for the purpose of spreading the message of Dhamma to the public as much as possible. Someone becoming enlightened by himself (SammaSambuddha) is very rare. For a Bodhisaththa to become enlightened, it takes a very long time ; unimaginably long ; may be billions of years. During this long period of time he must fulfill the Perfections (Paramitha). This is considered as a noble investigation on arising, persistence and disband of the world and beings. The investigation further expands by understanding the attachment and aversion of the world. The term “world” means the five aggregated of beings. Through the five aggerates, living beings try to hold on to the things they prefer and reject the things they hate. This chain of events arises due to craving(thanha). Such Craving causes the existence of the Samsara, which takes the being from one birth to another. Once a being is born he is facing all kinds of suffering such as birth, aging, sickness, death, sorrow, lamentation, suffering,mental suffering ,mental torcher , depression etc. Most of the beings are born mainly in the four hells during their Samsara Journey. Hence being born as a human ; meeting with the Buddha’s order ; be fortunate to listen and understand the Dhamma preached by the Buddha is extremely rare in one’s life.

Understanding the three characteristics of existence namely impermanence, unsatisfaction and selflessness is the path to caseation of Samsara. The Buddha thus preached in his first Dhamma Sermon very precisely to follow the eightfold path to understand the four noble truth to reach the status of Enlightenment by ending the craving, which will end the suffering by attending the supreme bliss of Nirvana.

ඉල් පුර පසළොස්වක පෝය

 නොවැම්බර් 18 බ්‍රහස්පතින්දා අ.භා 12.00 පසළොස්වක ලබා 19 සිකුරා අ.භා 14.27 ගෙවේ.
බ්‍රහස්පතින්දා සිල්

පොහෝ දින දර්ශනය

Full Moonපසළොස්වක

නොවැම්බර් 18

Second Quarterඅව අටවක

නොවැම්බර් 27   

Full Moonඅමාවක

දෙසැම්බර් 03

First Quarterපුර අටවක

දෙසැම්බර් 11











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