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One day, a Brahmin came to see the Buddha and abused Him roundly. The Buddha listened to it all, quite calmly. The Buddha called him back to him and said;

“You abused me to your heart’s content. I endured it all in silence.

But, could you answer a question?”

The Brahmin said;

“All right, go ahead: Ask your question.”

The Buddha asked him’

“O Brahmin, if a guest were to visit your house, what will you do?”

The Brahmin said:

“I will treat him well, with food and drink”

The Buddha asked him;

“If the guest does not partake of all the things you give him what will you do?”

“I will enjoy all that with my wife”

The Buddha said;

“Exactly in that manner, you abused me roundly just a little while ago’ That ‘treat’ you gave me I did not accept. Therefore, you take it and enjoy it with your wife;”